Reasons to believe Kyle will be back next season

James P. McCoy/ Buffalo news

By Brandon J. Koch

Buffalo Bills defensive tackle Kyle Williams is a day by day man. He doesn’t worry about tomorrow, or next week or next month, he’s in the moment.

Same can be said about retirement, and the lingering questions that’s been surrounding him since training camp started.

Yes he is a free agent, but the contract will take care of itself, if he decides to comeback. He played well this season for being 34 years old with a lot of mileage on his legs.

He has said he hasn’t even thought about it, and I believe him.


There are reasons to believe that Kyle will be back to give it one more go next season. Here’s my thinking.


This is a top reason for me. I think he wants one more crack at it, he just tasted his first playoff experience and feels this team can make it again.

“For sure. You get more accomplishment and you’re more fulfilled and you have an opportunity to go to the playoffs and play, even when it ends roughly,” Williams said. “You figure out how to get better from there.”

He loves this team

He believed in Sean McDermott right from the start. When McDermott was hired last year, he and Kyle had a long conversation. Since then, the two have been real close.

“I love to play the game and I love being a part of this football team.”

If he lost the love of the game, he wouldn’t even be considering coming back.

He still has football left in him

He was asked him much gas does he have left in the tank?

This is a classic Kyle response:

“I think I’ve got enough to get there.”

While it may be awhile before we get an answer from Kyle, I believe he will be back and give it one more shot. I think McDermott and the front office wants him back.

One more year.

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  1. I think he will decide when he see’s what direction they want to go to make team better in his mind. He is on that field an has a pretty good handle on things. I would love to see him back.

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