What happens to Rick Dennison?

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By Brandon J. Koch

As the offseason begins for the Buffalo Bills, questions and opinions have been coming from everywhere about the offensive side of the football, mainly at quarterback and coordinator.

I already talked about Tyrod, his time in Buffalo should be over.

But what about the coordinator? Should they move on? Keep him? Here’s what to think about:

Reasons for keeping Dennison

  1. Only the coordinator in Buffalo for one season: Yes, the offense was really bad at times this season. But, it was also efficient at times. Would you really want to start over once again at OC?
  2. Limited at quarterback: Only so much you can do with Tyrod at quarterback.
  3. Talent can’t overcome making adjustments: Coming out of halftime, we’ve seen the offense struggle mightily to get drives going and put points on the board. Many fans say they don’t make adjustments. Well they do. I just don’t know if they have the talent right now to do that.
  4. Fixed running game: The running improved tremendously the second half of the season, finishing 6th in the league. Dennison and his staff went back to what fits the personnel on the offense best.

Reasons to let Dennison go

  1. Play calling: At times, I scratched my head on why that type of play was called. Now I’ll say this: we don’t how much of a leash they give Tyrod to change plays and we don’t know if players execute the play call the way it should be. When things don’t work out, we’re easy to blame the play calling.
  2. 31st ranked passing offense: like Beane said, it’s not all on Tyrod. Everyone’s hand is in the cookie jar. Dennison, at times, did not use Tyrod strengths to put the offense in the best position to move the ball and score.
  3. Scoring: Many games where the offense only scored three points, less than 10 points and couldn’t score anything in the second half. As Kelvin Benjamin said, this offense needs to put the ball in the end zone. I know Dennison isn’t out there playing, but his fingerprints are all over the scoring struggles.

Final thoughts: If McDermott is going to make a change, he better do it quick as other positions are opening up. I think it’s Tyrod before they let go of the coordinator.

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  1. As a Bills fan living in Denver, I can tell you first-hand that everyone here HATED the Kubiak / Dennison offense two seasons ago. They successfully ran both guys out of town — and Vance Joseph came in and turned the exact same, ‘boring / safe’ offense into an utter catastrophe.

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