Upcoming trades are important for Botterill, Sabres

By Brandon J. Koch

For those that are sick and tired of talking about trade rumors and reports, I’m sorry.

I love to talk actual Sabres hockey, and I will continue to do so about the on ice performance, but they are last in the Eastern conference by 10 points.

The deadline is next month and the Sabres are front and center.

Trades are always Monday morning quarterback. Everyone always comes to quick conclusions and overreactions, good or bad. The truth is, evaluations on trades should come a couple years after a deal is made.

There’s no doubt that whatever deal Jason Botterill makes, it’s important what comes back. The GM has a vision, and while trades might not be the number one source of building a hockey team, it’s still a big avenue.

TSN’s trade bait just came out and Evander Kane is # 1 on that list.

Frank Seravalli talked about him:

The Buffalo Sabres have been working to move left winger Evander Kane for weeks, long before frustrations boiled over in practice Wednesday.

We all know what the asking prices is, and that’s good for the Sabres. A team will need Evander Kane and will be willing up to give up three pieces to help get him for a cup run.

Robin Lehner is #17 on this list. I think he will be gone by the end of the deadline, there will be a team that will show interest. It may not be far fetched to get a good player or prospect, maybe even a 2nd round pick that Botterill can have in his back pocket. Teams get desperate at the deadline.

Bob McKenzie talked about Sam Reinhart last night on NBCSN’s segment #AskBob.

Teams are making calls on him, recognizing that the Sabres want to make changes. While I don’t want to give up on Reinhart, I think he will be moved. Many say he needs a “change of scenery.”

Fans need to trust that Botterill will make the right moves. We’re all sick and tired of talking about the trade deadline, rather than making a playoff push.

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