Early QB rankings

By Brandon J. Koch

The first Sunday of the offseason has begun and we already know the Bills are going to reshape their whole offense.

Rick Dennison was fired as offensive coordinator Friday, which should mean Tyrod Taylor is next. General manager Brandon Beane said there’s a lot of hands in the cookie jar, when talking about the lackluster performance this season by the offense.

It starts with the quarterback position and I think Beane and McDermott are determined to find two of them: A bridge quarterback, better than Tyrod. McDermott talked about wanting a veteran presence in the room. Then more importantly, a franchise quarterback, something this organization has been starving for.

So why not give a early rankings list? You can give me yours as well:

  1. Teddy Bridgewater: Very intriguing to me as I wanted the Bills to draft him back in 2014, yes, even with EJ Manuel. I think he will stay with Minnesota, but the Bills should be interested.
  2. Baker Mayfield: The Bills are in prime position to go and trade up and get in front of the Denver Broncos, who will take him at 5th overall if available. This guy is Russell Wilson, he can make all the plays. What worries me is that Bills brass will stay away because he has had his antics.
  3. Lamar Jackson: Love what this kid can bring, and he’s not Tyrod Taylor.
  4. Sam Darnold: I should have him higher, because realistically, he’s the perfect McDermott/Beane quarterback. I can see them also trading up to get him.
  5. Alex Smith: I’m guessing McDermott will talk to his mentor Andy Reid about Smith.
  6. Josh Rosen: I think he could be a wildcard in terms of going to the Bills. Right now I don’t see it.
  7. Mason Rudolph: There’s been several sighting of Bills scouts and Beane looking at him. I think this is the classic reason for bringing in a bridge quarterback. I’ll have too drive closer into Rudolph.
  8. Tyrod Taylor: Until it’s official that he will not be coming back, I have to have him on this list. But I think we all know his career in Buffalo is over with.
  9. Sam Bradford
  10. Josh McCown: I don’t think it will go down this far. If it does, they’ll be in trouble.

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  1. Call me nuts but I still see something in Peterman. I would love to see us draft a young QB to groom but let’s not close the book on Nate. I see him as a Come Back Player of the Year candidate. I know this is less than a popular decision but he is highly accurate and think his flaws can be easily coached out. I think we will all see what I mean in Preseason. I expect a healthy Competition.

  2. Say what you want but Blake Bortles Doug Marone and N. Hackett are playing better than the steelers which everyone picked to win this game hands down

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