Marcell Dareus sarcastically thanked Sean McDermott for trading him

By Brandon J. Koch

Former Buffalo Bills defensive tackle Marcell Dareus was all fired up after the Jacksonville Jaguars beat the Pittsburgh Steelers to advance to the AFC Championship game.

After talking about the Steelers, Dareus jumped right to talk about the team that traded him~ The Buffalo Bills.

He sarcastically thanked Bills head coach Sean McDermott for changing his life.

Dareus did say that he loves Buffalo but the organization treated him like “a nobody.”

He’s obviously talking about the organization under Sean McDermott, because the previous organization gave him a $96.5 million dollar contract.

How is that being treated as a nobody?

I’m a f–king All-Pro,” Dareus said. “And y’all aren’t even going to let me play? You aren’t even going to give me snaps?”

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