Bills front seven part one: Defensive line


By Brandon J. Koch

The Buffalo Bills defense looks to be set when it comes to the secondary, they need to figure out who’s their number two cornerback. Other than that, McDermott and Beane need to focus on revamping the front 7 of this defense.

There are a lot of question marks and holes at defensive line and linebacker, so look for the Bills to go through every avenue via free agency and the Draft to improve the front seven.

Part one is dealing with the defensive line, how can the Bills upgrade?

You can argue that 34 year old Kyle Williams was the best player on the defensive line and with all due respect to Kyle, that shouldn’t happen. I’m pretty sure he would even tell you that. If Kyle comes back, that’s great, but they need to upgrade.

Cedric Thornton, Adolphus Washington at times were ran over and struggled to get pressure. I can see either of them on the roster for depth purposes to backup injuries. Other than that, I can’t see them on the roster.

Jerry Hughes

I thought he was inconsistent this season and for me is a question mark on if he’s coming back for 2018. This defense needs more pressure, not necessarily sacks and Hughes should have brought more than that.

Shaq Lawson

Another question mark on if he’s here for 2018. He was placed on IR during the season but, was a disappointment in my opinion. I wouldn’t be surprised if the Bills moved on.

Eddie Yarbrough was a diamond in the rough in training camp and had a good season. I expect him to be in the rotation again next season.

We’ve seen Deandre Coleman and Cap Capi get snaps and significant play time. For me, that’s a problem.

There’s plenty of prospects and free agents that the Bills can get to improve, that I will talk about in the months to come.

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