Reaction to Reinhart’s embellishment penalty

By Brandon J. Koch

Buffalo Sabres forward Sam Reinhart was called for an embellishment penalty on this play, as you see here:

How can you tell me that’s embellishment? The ref is right there and it’s pretty clear that it should’ve been just a cross check on Shattenkirk. I’m sure Reinhart really wanted to go face first into the boards and possibly cause injury.

The NHL has a serious problem on decision making. If it’s not the refs, it’s Toronto, should I even mention the ridiculous offside challenge?

This league has a lot of problems and this ridiculous penalty is part of that. Of course it’s not a call that played into the outcome of the game, but if you’re worried about player safety, then you don’t call embellishment. To me, that’s a cross check that easily could’ve hurt Sam Reinhart.

But the NHL will not make adjustments, or clean up anything they make mistakes on, that’s how they run.


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