Brian Daboll: I love Buffalo

By Brandon J. Koch

New Buffalo Bills offensive coordinator Brian Daboll had this to say about Buffalo.

“The city of Buffalo and the surrounding areas are as special to me as anything. Besides my family, this community and what they stand for, that’s how I grew up. It’s a tough town with town people. I just have the world of respect for this place.”

More on his return:

It means everything. I’m a Buffalo guy from the communities around the stadium to the Rochester area. It’s a really special place to me.”

Daboll said he loves Buffalo and it means a lot to his family as well.

When it comes to the offense, Daboll said you have to be multidimensional. I know that’s a pretty obvious statement to make, but it shows that he will be creative with this offense.

Daboll: “You have to be multi dimensional. You have to be able to throw it when they know you’re going to throw it and run it when they know you’re going to run it.”

Now he hasn’t had big success as a coordinator at the NFL level, but that was a while ago. Daboll adjusts and uses players to their strengths. Another big reason I think McDermott picked Daboll? He is a week to week coach. He prepares and coaches in the moment.

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