Is getting a bridge quarterback necessary?

By Brandon J. Koch

The offseason is underway for the Buffalo Bills as Sean McDermott, Brandon Beane and Brian Daboll are in Moblie, Alabama for the Senior Bowl.

Already the most popular talk around everything Bills is at the quarterback position.

Many like the idea of drafting a quarterback and having him sit for a season to let a bridge quarterback play.

But is that really necessary? I love playing devil’s advocate.

Reasons for having a bridge quarterback

  1. Leadership: Sean McDermott talked about how he loves having a veteran in the room and helping the young quarterbacks throughout the year. Is this the number one reason for getting one?
  2. Continue to build from 2017: The Bills went 9-7 and made the playoffs, breaking the 17 year drought. Does McDermott want to keep going further and not take a step back starting a rookie quarterback?
  3. Development: Know matter what quarterback the Bills select, McDermott and Beane are so process based. They will have a plan in place to make sure the rookie is ready. They wouldn’t want to throw him into the fire if he’s not ready.

Reasons for not getting a bridge quarterback

  1. Brian Daboll: He has dealt with a lot throughout his career, especially in college. Look what he did in his time at Alabama, who was a young offense. I know the pros are night and day compared to college, but Daboll has an abundance of experience. He will be able to guide and make it easy on a rookie.
  2. Let the rookie play: Why should the rookie sit? Isn’t it a advantage of having him start right away? To get all the first team reps in training camp. If he’s the franchise quarterback, play him right away.
  3. Salary: Getting a bridge quarterback means you spend at least over $15 million dollars against the cap. Couldn’t the Bills go out and upgrade at a position of need?

In the end, I think the Bills will get a bridge quarterback for next season and let the rookie take in all the knowledge he can get and develop.

But one things for sure, we never know what this regime will do.

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