Rex Ryan is back to being a Leafs fan, threw out Sabres jerseys

By Brandon J. Koch

Rex Ryan is not all for keeping promises.

He once said he was “Buffalo Sabres all the way.”

Apparently not anymore since being fired.

John Kryk from the Toronto Sun caught up by phone with the former Bills coach.

One question, does Rex still have the Sabres jerseys?

“Oh no, I got rid of every one of them – every damn one of them.”

“As soon as I got fired by the Pegulas, I was like, no chance. I got rid of all my Sabres stuff. I had the (Roger) Crozier jersey, the French Connection jerseys … I got rid of every damn one of them.”

“Obviously I’m still a huge Leafs fan, but I live here in Nashville, where the Predators play. So I have to root for the Preds. And I love the Preds. Watching them last year was great. They have a heck of a team.”


You can read the whole story here.

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