10 Bills thoughts

By Brandon J. Koch

The NFL offseason is heating up.

Scouting combine is going on, free agency is two weeks away and there are plenty of discussions about the Buffalo Bills. This is yet another offseason where the number one question among Bills Mafia is, who will be the quarterback?

Without further ado, here are some of my first Bills thoughts, which I will try to write every week.

  1. It’s still a Tyrod Taylor mystery. We know the Bills want to trade him, this regime values any draft pick they can acquire. Which is why they will pay the $6 million dollar signing bonus.
  2. What could the Bills actually get back for Tyrod? A 3rd to 4th rounder? I’m assuming there’s a market, the question is, how many teams?
  3. I have my quarterback plan: it starts with signing Case Keenum to a one year deal. Spotrac has him at a $21 million dollar value. He’s a quarterback who gets the ball out quick and can move an offense.
  4. I’m a huge Lamar Jackson fan. I think he will be available right around the time the Bills select back to back.
  5. He’s a dynamic player, that will need some development. For the fans claiming he’s Tyrod Taylor, you’re wrong.
  6. It seems like the Bills love Josh Rosen, but how much?
  7. No way Preston Brown is back here, not at the price the Bills want.
  8. Vontae Davis is another example of how Sean McDermott has changed the landscape of One Bills Drive.
  9. Look for the Bills to continue signing 1 year, low risk, high reward players.
  10. It looks like the thing standing in the way from Kyle being back is a negotiation. There’s no way he’s on another team, right?

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