10 Bills thoughts



By Brandon J. Koch

Moves are happening at One Bills drive.

What a difference this regime is. Not by the number of moves they are making, it’s the forward thinking and calculated decisions.

With that being said, let’s get to some Bills thoughts

  1. The way the Bills are moving up is very encouraging too see. They are making baby steps, the same avenue Philly went down when they drafted Carson Wentz. Watch-out for that #3 spot in the draft. The Colts are rebuilding and need as many picks as possible.
  2. Josh Allen-Bills connections smell like A SMOKE SCREEN. But, consider who’s reporting it. Benjamin Allbright is one of the best out there, he connected the Bills to Peterman in 2017. Allbright did say it’s too early connecting anything for certain, and the Bills rarely let anything out anymore. I’m up in the air on Allen. He seems like a two year project.
  3. Allen has a nice makeup and is very raw. I still have Josh Rosen, Sam Darnold AND Baker Mayfield ahead of him…for now. Darnold is Sean McDermott as a player, they’re cut out from the same cloth.
  4. The AJ McCarron contract is smart, $900k base salary, $4.9 cap hit. Maybe there will be an open competition, but I’ll be fine having McCarron start one season if that’s what the rookie needs. This discussion can go many different ways.
  5. I feel a lot more better about the defensive line, they got ran over last year in multiple games. Kyle’s back, paired up with Star Lotulelei automatically helps the 29th ranked rushing defense. Trent Murphy brings another pass rush aspect and is a nice dual threat with Jerry Hughes. I expect another defensive tackle drafted somewhere, Kyle isn’t going to play forever.
  6. I wonder what this means for Shaq Lawson. I know he has the talent, but it doesn’t seem to add up in resulting to him being on this roster.
  7. There are still holes needing to be filled. What’s going to happen at middle linebacker? More weapons at wide receiver? Do they really feel good about the right side of that offensive line?
  8. The Bills reportedly did offer Jeremy Maclin a contract last off-season, do they offer one again? He will be cheaper although a year older.
  9. What’s going to happen with the Eric Wood contract?
  10. Keep an eye out for those tier 2-3 free agent signings. Bills did well signing those type of players last season.

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