Did Zay Jones get arrested?

By Brandon J. Koch

If this is true, this is not good for Zay Jones…or the Buffalo Bills.

There’s a TMZ article saying that the Bills wide receiver was arrested after fighting with his Brother….naked.

TMZ: “Buffalo Bills wide receiver Zay Jones got into a bizarre naked struggle with his brother — who’s also in the NFL — and it ended in a bloody mess … with Zay in handcuffs.

TMZ Sports obtained this video of the crazy fight that went down Monday night in a downtown L.A. apartment building. Zay is stark raving nude while grappling with his brother — Cayleb Jones of the Vikings.

You can hear Zay yelling, “I’m going to fight for Jesus” … and according to witnesses, Cayleb was trying to stop him from jumping out a 30th floor window.”

Here’s the full story.

Statement on Zay Jones:

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