Housley livid after loss to Coyotes

Buffalo Sabres photo (@Buffalosabres)

By Brandon J. Koch

Buffalo Sabres head coach Phil Housley always displays some kind of emotion after a game, despite the result.

So after a pathetic 4-1 loss at home to the Arizona Coyotes, he would have none of it. The first year head coach was fuming, the angriest he’s been all year.

Housley: “It’s disappointing because you manage the schedule, trying to give your group energy, we didn’t go on the ice yesterday, I didn’t like the energy…the compete and battle…that’s the frustrating part…the Coyotes didn’t do anything outstanding except their work level”

After not following up strong performance against Nashville: “We can’t handle any success. By the way, we lost that game 4-0 so you’d think you’d come out gangbusters to start. It was a very meaningful game in that you’re in last place. That’s what’s hard to swallow. Just unacceptable.”

On the teams goaltending: “It’s unfortunate that our goalies have to play a perfect game to win a game.”

He ended the press conference after that.

I sometimes wonder what Housley is doing at times, but then I stop and realize that he has this team to work with.

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