On a very important night, the process should be trusted

By Brandon J. Koch

Tonight is a very important night for the Bills franchise, the Pegulas, Brandon Beane, Sean McDermott, Bills fans and yes…

The process.

On a night where we are all waiting for that franchise quarterback to be called, we should be going into and coming out of tonight still trusting the process. Know matter who the Buffalo Bills select.

There is going to be at least half the fan base who will disagree and hate the selection, because it’s something they wouldn’t do.

Well, who would’ve traded back last year, in planning for this exact night? Trading Sammy Watkins, Ronald Darby? Trading Marcell Dareus and eating up all the dead cap?

The process.

While I am nervous….we’ll very nervous at that, I have full confidence and trust that Brandon Beane and his staff know what they’re doing. The same can be said with Sean McDermott and his staff to put that quarterback in the best position to succeed.

Enjoy tonight and trust the process.

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