Can luck bounce the Sabres way?

By Brandon J. Koch

After a terrible hockey season, the draft lottery can serve as an exciting avenue for teams that didn’t make the playoffs.

In Buffalo, Sabres fans alway think the team has no chance to win the lottery. The Sabres for the third time in five years have the best odds to win.

The previous two times, well, you know how it went. Buffalo selected Sam Reinhart #2 overall in 2015 and Jack Eichel #2 overall in 2016.

This time it’s a cornerstone franchise defenseman at stake, Rasmus Dahlin. If the ping pong balls can bounce Buffalo’s way, it would immediately energize not only the fan base, but the franchise.

Putting Dahlin with Eichel as the top two core pieces for the Sabres moving forward is a very good start to an upcoming total rebuild this summer.

Can the Sabres get lucky for once? We will find out tonight as the blue and gold have a 18.5% chance of landing the Swedish defenseman.

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