Mark Poloncarz to Bills fans: Stop the tailgate antics


By Brandon J. Koch

Erie County executive Mark Poloncarz has a message for Buffalo Bills fans that attend tailgate activities: Stop with the antics.

Poloncarz met with Bills officials on Wednesday to talk about safety at tailgates and change the way Bills fans are viewed.

For the past couple seasons, Bills fans have been jumping through tables, setting each other on fire and jumping off buses. Setting off videos that land on Barstool Sports, Deadspin and television.

Poloncarz: People have been hurt, seriously hurt, it’s only a matter of time before someone dies.”

“We had one gentleman who set himself on fire, we had another person who was basically near-paralyzed from breaking their back, another person who snapped their leg.”

“What we want people to understand is, not only does this make the community look bad but you’re putting yourself at risk,” said the county executive.

I have a message for Mr. Poloncarz: This isn’t who Bills fans are. They are the best people in the world. I understand you have to protect the public and make the tailgating environment safer, but don’t make it out to seem like this is the number one thing Bills fans are known. Bills fans everywhere donating to Andy Dalton’s and Tyler Boyd’s charities? How about 26 Shirts? Ran by BillsMafia co-founder Del Reid and his team, helping charities and individuals that need help. Bills fans help with that every single day. You should who Bills fans are and the people of Western New York.

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