Tavares on the Sabres? Don’t count on it

By Brandon J. Koch

As the Buffalo Sabres offseason continues, fans and media continue to talk about what needs to happen for this team to climb out of the basement that is 31st.

One player that will probably be talked about this summer coming to Buffalo?

John Tavares.

But don’t count on it, at least I wouldn’t.

While I think going after and signing Tavares is a perfect move for the Sabres, there’s just so much that would need to go perfectly.

Tavares is the perfect fit for that toxic Sabres locker room, it’s the perfect help for Eichel.

Again, there are other factors that just tell me it’s not happening.

1. Sabres are in a bad cap situation. Tavares will command at least 12 million dollars a year. The Sabres would have to move big contacts.

2. You don’t build teams through free agency. While Tavares is a great fit and the big fish, he’s 28 years old and will be getting a 7 year deal. Another big investment.

3. Other teams expected to be in the bidding include the San Jose Sharks, Toronto Maple Leafs and the Vegas Golden Knights. Don’t count out the Islanders. I can’t see Tavares choosing Buffalo over those teams who are established and have a chance next season to win.

So while we talk players and see who could be a fit for Botterill to bring in this July, I wouldn’t count on John Tavares.

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