Dez Bryant doesn’t fit McBeane culture

By Brandon J. Koch

There’s the culture vs anti culture crowd when it comes to sports in Buffalo.

Some take culture to heart and others think it’s just a fancy word.

But not to Sean McDermott and Brandon Beane. You hear them say the word culture in almost every press conference.

This regime is trying to build that foundation, that culture.

Which comes to the Dez Bryant topic. After the draft was over, Brandon Beane was asked specifically about Bryant. The general manager didn’t rule it out, but did say that they would have to bring Bryant in to see if he fit with what their doing.


I think Beane and McDermott know that Dez Bryant isn’t someone they think will gel with what they’re trying to accomplish at One Bills Drive.

If the reports are true that teams won’t even sign Dez for the minimum, I think the Bills would’ve been all over that if he was their type of player.

There’s no way Sean McDermott would put up with Bryant’s known sideline antics and whatever else he does in the Locker-room. The leadership counsel wouldn’t stand for it, either.

While I wouldn’t rule out anything, I would be SHOCKED if we get a tweet from Adam Schefter or Ian Rapoport saying Dez Bryant is a Buffalo Bill.

And nothing should shock me with this regime.

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