10 Bills thoughts

By Brandon J. Koch

Everything has settled down from a draft perspective and the offseason rolls on for the Buffalo Bills. Rookie minicamp is up next which means this is the first time we will see Josh Allen in a Bills helmet, shirt and shorts.

NFL offseason is too long.

1. I’m still concerned about WR, Kelvin Benjamin and Zay Jones are the top two. Both were hurt at some point last season. There’s Jeremy Kerley, Rod Streater and 2017 training camp fan favorite Brandon Reilly. I don’t think teams will be scared of game planning for those last three.

2. I wrote about Dez not being the McBeane culture fit. Fans were 50-50 on it. I just can’t see it happening. Why wouldn’t they want to bring him in on a one year deal? They know he doesn’t fit what they’re building.

3. I seriously would consider signing a veteran wideout. But, I think their philosophy is the underdog role, contributing like so many did last year. I’m just not comfortable with what they have there.

4. You can tell by the draft that this 2018 Bills team is once again going to rely on their defense. Next offseason will be putting the offense together. The Bills will have a lot of cap space to work with and a franchise quarterback to build around.

5. The defense is already built, at least the foundation. You have Hyde-Poyer back there, along with Tre White. Hopefully Matt Milano will take that next step and Tre Edmunds is 20 years old. Defensive line is better than last season but still needs some work.

6. Today marks one year of the Brandon Beane era. What a year for the young GM. August trades, midseason trades and free agent acquisitions. A big part of the franchise breaking the drought.

7. Finally, a Bills GM with a smart, forward thinking plan. Eating up the dead cap in 2017 and 2018 while looking ahead to the ’19 offseason.

8. Knowing that Beane likes to deal, it’s intriguing to think about if there will be summer deals again. Of course, every year is different.

9. A lot of Bills fans are now comfortable with Josh Allen. It’s not like they had a choice, I just wonder how much the media played a role in them disliking Allen.

10. Completion percentage, especially in college, doesn’t tell you the whole story. Bills fans were basing their opinions on that, which is fine. Just take a deep breath and let him develop. We will see what happens after that.

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