Bills fans love AJ McCarron

By Brandon J. Koch

Bills fans love the unknown. They love the backup quarterback that they haven’t seen play before.

Let’s think back to last season when fans were calling for Nathan Peterman, who was a 5th round rookie at the time.

Why did fans want him starting? Because he was new, the unknown. They knew who Tyrod was as a quarterback and he wasn’t going to change.

So when AJ McCarron signed a cheap deal with the Bills, fans had two thumbs up. That unknown factors came into play again.

On radio talk shows, Bills fans bring up how McCarron never got the chance and for whatever reason mentions that he won national championships with Alabama in college.

If McCarron was better than Andy Dalton when he was in Cincinnati, I’m pretty sure McCarron would’ve been the starter.

It’s okay to think that McCarron could be something, he very well might be, but don’t bring up his college career as a reason for it.

You never know what will happen, but I’m not riding my hopes for the 2018 season on the unknown of AJ McCarron.

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