What’s the price for Ryan O’Reilly?

By Brandon J. Koch

With the NHL draft less than a month away, Darren Dreger was on Vancouver TSN 1040 and talked about the potential price for the Sabres Center.

The price tag is going to be very, very high,” said Dreger. “Jason Botterill made that abundantly clear when this speculation first arose at the end of the year. I think to some degree it has to be connected to his comments and the level of frustration that he has with his own game, and everything that has gone into the losing ways of the Buffalo Sabres in general.”

On when he could be dealt: “And that wasn’t eradicated with his experience at the world hockey championships in representing Canada. Obviously I sat down with him there and he reiterated the same remarks that he made at the end of the year. But he’s got a good relationship with Botterill. I think that if the right deal or the right offer was made, absolutely Buffalo would consider trading him. And it’s starting to feel like it’s more likely now than not likely.

Making the case for teams to trade for him: “But again, there are so many teams that are looking for a versatile forward. In his case, he can obviously play center or play the wing, he’s a good character guy, he’s got a high level of compete. So it makes you wonder why Buffalo would want to part with him, but there’s still a lot of areas of concern for the Buffalo Sabres.”

What Botterill would want: “But for Botterill to move out Ryan O’Reilly, he’s going to need several pieces. And if it’s around draft time, you know what it’s going to be: It’s going to be likely a young NHL player or a prospect, a high draft pick, and maybe something else on top of that.”

The draft is going to be very interesting.

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