Friedman: Sabres want wingers

By Brandon J. Koch

In an interview with NHL Network, Elliotte Friedman of HNIC talked about the Buffalo Sabres.

Of course the center part of it was around Ryan O’Reilly, but Friedman talked about something else that has me intrigued. Sabres want wingers.

Yes, that’s obvious, but take a look at some of the names he mentions:

“The other thing I hear about Buffalo is I think they’re looking for a winger, whether it’s a Rick Nash or a Max Pacioretty or a Jeff Skinner, who can play wing in addition to center. I think they’re in the market on a lot of guys like that. And I think they look at the wings and they say, ‘We’ve got Eichel at center. We’ve got Mittelstadt at center. If O’Reilly is back we’ve got him at center. We’re okay there.’

“I think they want wingers and those are some of the names we’re going to start hearing attached to the Buffalo Sabres.”

I talked about Skinner this week and said that the name this franchise needs to go after.

I can see Nash, a goal scorer on the wing is something this team lost when they traded away Evander Kane,

Pacioretty would be a very solid pickup, another overall hockey player this team could use.

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