Is a Thomas Vanek return realistic?

By Brandon J. Koch

The Austrian sniper is once again a free agent as 34-year old Thomas Vanek will hit the market on July 1st.

The question is, will the Sabres have any interest in bringing him back?

It makes sense, but highly unlikely. Although I love this idea, I can’t see it happening.

Why it makes sense? Vanek helps fill a goal scoring problem that this team has had for years. Vanek will be cheap, he had a $2 million dollar cap hit last season and put up 24 goals. Great value.

Why it’s highly unlikely? Botterill wants speed all over the ice and that’s where Vanek falls dramatically short. Another big reason is the Sabres GM wants to see what the kids in Rochester can do on training camp. Can someone step up and take a roster spot?

So, while Vanek will certainly be a great value signing for any team, I can’t see Botterill having any interest, unfortunately.

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