Is this Nathan Peterman’s job to lose?

By Brandon J. Koch

It looks like Nathan Peterman is determined.

Benjamin Allbright in Denver tweeted this out earlier about the second year quarterback.

Yes the 5 interception game against the Chargers was really bad, but he has used this as motivation ever since and it has shown.

They have been splitting 1st team reps and will continue to do so at the start of training camp, but Peterman has looked like the best QB to date.

There is a 6 week layoff until training camp and there’s no doubt Peterman will want to pick up where he left off.

Yes the Bills are building the culture team first, but they also promote competition. You think Peterman cares that they drafted Josh Allen? There’s a job that only 32 have week in and week out and Peterman wants that.

It’s going to be an interesting summer.

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