What could a Sam Reinhart contract look like?

By Brandon J. Koch

Back on June 25th, the Buffalo Sabres tendered a qualifying offer to forward Sam Reinhart.

The 22 year-old had 25 goals, 25 assists for 50 points in a tale of two halves last season.

He was a no show from October until the end of December. Then from the Winter Classic on, he was one of the best players on the Buffalo Sabres.

So with Reinhart looking for a new deal, what might that look like? This is a calculated guess based on other players around Sam’s production.

You have players like Tyler Johnson, Jeff Skinner who put the same amount of points as Reinhart last season, making $5 million dollars or more.

Johnson: $5 million

Skinner: $5.725

The point that goes against Reinhart is that both players have been putting up better numbers consistently over a longer period of time.

The point that Reinhart’s agent can make to create some leverage? Tomas Hertl’s new contract

Hertl signed a new 4 year contract worth about $5.6 million per year. He produced 22 goals and 46 points last season, tying a career high.

Both Hertl and Reinhart have around the same number of scoring chance percentage and high danger scoring chance percentage.

While a bridge deal could be the smart thing for Botterill, the Sabres should go the 5-year route with Reinhart in what will probably be around $6 million per season. A contract that can potentially be a high value.

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