Ryan O’Reilly’s letter to Buffalo

By Brandon J. Koch

Former Buffalo Sabre Ryan O’Reilly sent a letter to WNY:

Here it is

I wonder what sabres fans, and most importantly, his teammates, think of this?

There are still questions about how things went down at the end of the season with O’Reilly. But that’s water under the bridge. He’s gone and the Sabres are better for it.

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  1. Dear Ryan

    After three years of cheering you on, as you wowed us, over and over again, I’m certain that it will be difficult NOT to do so, when the 2018/2019 schedule brings you back to Buffalo, as a member of the St. Louis Blues. However, as you most assuredly know, from your time spent in Buffalo, Sabre Fans will always support their Hometown Team, first and foremost, with their favorite individual players following, as a close second. Nonetheless, please know that, regardless of where you go, or what team logo you’ll be wearing, to those of us who were so often amazed by your talent and dedication, throughout your time spent as a Buffalo Sabre, you’ll always be well respected, and fondly remembered…a favorite player, who did so much, as a member of our favorite Team. My family and I truly wish you well, moving forward, and hope that you’ll have a tremendously successful season, with your new team…except, of course, upon those occasions when you’ll be playing against your former Team, here in Buffalo. Thanks for everything, stay healthy, and best of luck, to you and your family!

  2. you will be missed ryan along with Evander the Sabres will some day come to their sense’s and realize that all the coach’es staff and gen mang will not mean a thing till player’s are happy and coach’es are doing just that unfortunately owner’s here feel like bring in phil housley and jason botterill who feel like he has this team on thr right track so did tim murray after 2 years he would not let go of his coach and was let go himself bad move look at the leafs coach babcock is on the right track he did not take the job here why? fan’s can only spectulate but all reasons lead to ownership Max pacioretty prime player on the chop block Sabres not even in the running for him botterill can;t pull deals like that NO he gave away evander kane away for draft choice’s we got no one for ror and we in deed need a coach with the standards of john tortorella a usa born coach with no nonsence attitude a winner sabres got wow we housley if this team is in rebuild mode next year Eichel will ask for a trade why would a guy want to be here his 4th season and never reach the playoffs address these issures and this team has a chance dahlin has great potental not under housley why cause housley was a defenseman housley was soft still is ryan win the cup in st louis and pass it on to kane and sharks Sabres have a long time commimg .

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