Growing pains now mean a better Allen for the future

By Brandon J. Koch

The Josh Allen ERA begins today as the Buffalo Bills take on the Los Angeles Chargers from New Era Field.

It was a hectic week at One Bills Drive, Sean McDermott benched Nathan Peterman for Allen, a move that’s been talked about all over the football landscape.

It was the right move to start Allen. He’s the future that McBeane invested in. Think about what they did to draft him. Trading Cordy Glenn to move up 9 spots, while on draft day giving up 2 second round picks to get at that 7 spot.

But are Bills fans ready to sacrifice this season to watch Josh Allen grow? It’s very unlikely that a rookie quarterback with limited receiver weapons will help lead this team to the playoffs.

Watching Allen grow and learn from mistakes is the best thing for this franchise, whether Bills fans want to hear it or not. Allen needs to play right now. It’s not like he has a Hall Of Fame quarterback to sit behind and learn from like Rodgers did with Favre.

In listening to One Bills Live this week, something that Steve Tasker said hit me. He remembered Peyton Manning talking about his first couple years in the league and learning from 4th quarter meltdowns that was so beneficial to his long term career. And for the Colts.

Just keep that in mind when you watch the ups and downs of this raw rookie quarterback with a potentially big upside.

The Bills season just got much more intriguing. Getting Allen was a big part of the process, starting him is even bigger.

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