McBeane is here to stay


By Brandon J. Koch

This is the most divisive time I’ve seen in Buffalo sports since the tank years with the Sabres. Bills fans are divided on the direction of the franchise, the two leading the process and the way the roster is being constructed.

The offense could end up being the worst in league history while the defense is ranked in the top five and every week giving their best effort to only have it be for nothing.

He’s a news flash for the fans calling for Beane and McDermott to get fired: It’s not happening.

This is not being said because of opinion, I understand both sides. If you take time to think about what’s going on at One Bills Drive, things may look a bit more clearer.

1. The Pegulas have patience. They know what’s happening and the plan that is being laid out to them. Their track record shows they give time to GMs and head coaches. Unless if you’re Rex Ryan, who was a PR embarrassment, or a Dan Bylsma- Tim Murray situation.

2. Dead cap is at $55 million dollars. Beane’s hands are tied until the 2019 offseason, where the team will have close to $90 million dollars in cap space. It’s all apart of the plan.

3. Fans that are optimistic, you can get where they’re coming from. They’re tired of mediocrity and building something from the ground up takes time. The biggest question I have is what happens when it’s not built right?

4. I understand where the critics are coming from. They should be criticized. They botched the quarterback situation embarrassingly. The franchise quarterback, who they have a lot invested in, was thrown into the wolves with nothing to work with.

5. What’s the head coach’s philosophy of running an offense? If it’s run the ball to beat the tough elements of Buffalo and because Buffalo is blue collar and hard working, then we have a problem. That’s what fans should be worried about. How will this offense get fixed. You can have all the cap room in the world, the truth is great offensive players do not grow on trees.

*Heather Prusak photo on Twitter*

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