Forget Barkley, it’s all about Allen’s development

By Brandon J. Koch

Quarterback Matt Barkley had a nice performance last Sunday against the New York Jets, but give Sean McDermott credit, he went with the decision to start Allen during Monday’s press conference. Josh Allen’s development is the most important thing right now. Allen needs to play, he’s had enough time to sit and watch. Snaps right now at valuable.

We know what Barkley is, a journeyman with the potential to be the Bills backup quarterback, that’s it. Barkley is a professional, no doubt, he busted his ass to prepare and play well against a bad Jets team.

The Bills are 3-7 and with zero playoff hopes, it’s all about Allen and giving him as many snaps as possible. With Josh coming back to start after the bye, it gives Bills fans excitement and much more intrigue for the rest of the season instead of watching Matt Barkley, Derek Anderson or Nathan Peterman.

The rookie quarterback showed some flashes in his five starts before an elbow injury that sidelined him for the past four weeks. There were also some alarming signs that need to be developed, like play recognition, staying in the pocket, stepping up and accuracy.

Allen is the franchise, they have so much invested in him, especially the GM and head coach. If he goes down, so do they.

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