Relax, the goals will come for Eichel

By Brandon J. Koch

The Buffalo Sabres have lost three in a row after tying a franchise record with ten straight wins.

It would seem that some fans have gotten impatient with Jack Eichel’s lack of scoring, as you can see…

The captain hasn’t scored since November 19th, the overtime winner in Pittsburgh.

Everyone who’s overreacting needs to relax, the goals will come. Eichel is one of the best in the league at generating offensive production. He’s making teammates better and is one of the best play-makers in the NHL.


It’s not like Jack isn’t shooting, he is. That in itself will translate into goals.

In this chart by Sean Tierney of Charting Hockey, Eichel’s shots are on target from distance. That can easily trend towards good. He’s getting the chances.

Just take last night for example, Eichel is not afraid to shoot, especially near the front of the net and on his strong side. In this chart by Hockeyviz Eichel attempted 8 shots, 6 of them went through.

So let’s all just calm down and enjoy watching a great player. The shots are there, they will go in.

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