McDermott is one of the top coaches in 4th-down aggressiveness

By Brandon J. Koch

Sean McDermott doesn’t seem the type to be going for it on 4th down, but in fact is one of the top coaches in 4th down aggressiveness.

According to NFL Football Operations on Twitter, McDermott is behind only Dirk Koetter of the Bucs and Doug Pederson of the Eagles in going of it on 4th-and-1, a little less than 60% of the time.

In a one possession game, quarters 1-3, McDermott has the second highest go-for-it rate behind, once again, Pederson.

So in terms of going for it, McDermott has been aggressive, just maybe not as much as some wound want him to be. There was a drive last week in Miami in the 2nd quarter on a 4th and 2 at midfield, they took the delay of game. So maybe judging McDermott against other head coaches who are more conservative is the wrong approach?

Everything is open to interpretation.

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