Jets Anderson says Bills fans are coming at him after Hauschka hit was legal

By Brandon J. Koch

Jets defensive end Henry Anderson was on the Pat McAfee Show and he talked about the hit on Bills kicker Steven Hauschka.

Anderson said: “I got a lot of Bills fans coming at me saying that was a dirty play, I would like to plead my case to you, saying that was a totally legally and fair play.”

Anderson continued….

“If I blocked him in the back, he would have fallen forward and on his face from it. The way I hit him, I hit him on the side and extended my left arm out to make him fall backward and on his butt. The block in the back is not true because … he wasn’t falling forward at all.”

Anderson said that Hauschka was running towards the ball carrier:

“When the guy who picked up the fumble reversed field, he started angling toward the ball carrier and started positioning himself,” Anderson said. “He wasn’t in a dead sprint or anything, but he was working his way to cut him off and to try to make the tackle. I saw that and I know as a defensive player, the defensive coaches always tell you that the kickers are kind of under the same umbrella as quarterbacks. If they are trying to stay out of the play, you’re not supposed to tough them because they are protected by the rules. If they start making their way and positioning themselves to make a play on the ball, they are fair game and you can hit them.

Here’s the audio:

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