Josh Allen’s ceiling couldn’t be higher

By Brandon J. Koch

With three game remaining and two of them at home, you’re probably thinking, “well another waste of more December home games.”

Not so fast. I’ll give you a reason why I can’t wait for Sunday at New Era Field.

Josh Allen.

While he didn’t up his game last week, Allen has been showing signs of encouraging improvement. He’s been the best player on the field for the last three weeks.

Once he develops into more of a passer, the Bills will have a lethal weapon at the most important position in football.

Have we really seen a quarterback that tall and big, run around and make plays with his legs like Allen? Some say Cam Newton but I’d say he’s more of a power back. Thats Cam’s running style. Allen is simply faster and more explosive.

Once Allen shows he’s improving as a pocket passer, teams won’t have the luxury of putting a spy on him. Yes, he may bail out prematurely at times, but when Allen’s throwing on the run, it’s another real weapon at Daboll’s arsenal.

If Allen can continue to clean up his footwork, recognize defensives pre-snap and figure out his accuracy with a total revamped offense around him…..

The sky is the limit for him and the Bills.

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