Bomani Jones calls Josh Allen “Jaheem”

By Brandon J. Koch

When talking about Bills rookie quarterback Josh Allen in the show High Noon on Wednesday, Bomani Jones said Josh Allen is, “just not good at it.” While highlights showed of nothing but bad Allen plays from the season.

This is exactly what they do at ESPN. None of these personalities watch the Bills, who would expect them to. But I’m that case, don’t have an opinion and talk like you’ve watched every game.

I’m not sure I can say Jones is just pushing his narrative that Allen is a running back and only that. Now apparently saying when someone is pushing a narrative in sports, that means they disagree with your opinion on a player.

Not so.

It’s perfectly fine to have your own opinions, but when you’re only showing the bad side to prove your argument, then you’re pushing a narrative.

Here’s the whole Allen segment.

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  1. Jones is an idiot! Allen is a better runner than Tyrod and can throw the ball and not at the feet of the receivers. That’s why he had the least turnovers, defense couldn’t intercept the ball but the receiver couldn’t either. Allen gives the receivers the chance to catch the ball and make plays. Bill’s have average receivers along with hands of stone Clay. Time to get some WR’s and RB. Loved McCoy but it is time to move on, to much dancing he cant hit the hole. Next year will tell where the Bill’s are going with $80 million plus in cap,. Maybe Bell might be worth a run at.

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