ESPN writer: Allen is a less than impressive version of Tyrod

By Brandon J. Koch

ESPN’s Bill Barnwell has some rough criticism of Josh Allen.

The writer went through all of the 2018 rookie quarterbacks who have started so far. Barnwell said this about Allen:

“His prototypical arm strength and propensity for attacking teams downfield was supposed to augur a new era for the Bills’ offense.

Instead, so far, the Bills have witnessed … a less impressive version of Taylor. The same frustrated fans who were sick of Taylor failing to hit 200 passing yards in a game have seen Allen average 181.6 passing yards in his eight full starts.”

You can read what he says for yourself, he does make his points, but of course he’s trying to convey Allen as a future runner and only a runner.

Does he not realize Allen was a raw talent and has shown improvement week in and week out since returning from injury? Barnwell picks only certain spots to portray his view of Allen.

He uses QBR and completion percent as apart of his argument, yet he doesn’t even talk about the drops on some of his throws to receivers. Barnwell doesn’t even mention the little to zero running game support and offensive line blocking.

Read it for yourself, he was not objective at all.

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