Buffalo a possible destination for Antonio Brown?

By Brandon J. Koch

In a new article at Spotrac, Michael Ginnitti wrote about wide receiver Antonio Brown’s contract and possible trade destinations.

He has Buffalo on the list:

“Outside of Sammy Watkins, who was hampered by injuries much of his career in Buffalo, the Bills haven’t had a bonafide WR1 in years. While they’re likely to address the position both in free agency and in the draft, bringing in a player of Brown’s capabilities would be a big step forward – though his recent antics would be a major red flag, as the current Bills’ organization has taken drastic measures to change the culture of the team of late.”

Ginnitti talks about Brown’s traded contact and here’s what it says:

“If traded prior to March 17th, the deal will be 3 years, $38.9M, including cash & cap figures of $15.125M, $11.3M, & $12.5M through 2021.

If traded after March 17th, the deal will be 3 years, $36.425M, including cash & cap figures of $12.625M, $11.3M, & $12.5M through 2021.”

Here’s the article


In a article at Forbes, Bills Williamson says the Bills make sense as a team to trade for Antonio Brown.

Williamson says, “The Bills have $87 million in cap room. Brown would help second-year quarterback Josh Allen like he would Rosen in Arizona. The Steelers probably would get  a chuckle out of sending Brown all the way up to Buffalo as well.”

I don’t know if that’s a shot at Buffalo?

I’ll have my own opinion and analysis this weekend on why the Bills won’t even touch Brown.

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