Beane should go after John Brown again

By Brandon J. Koch

After not being able to sign wide receiver John Brown last offseason, general manager Brandon Beane should go back after him in March.

In a podcast earlier this season, Brown said the 2018 offseason came down to him signing with the Oakland Raiders or the Buffalo Bills until the Ravens came in last minute with a one-year, $5 million dollar deal.

Although Brown did say at the end of the season he would like to be back in Baltimore, remember that things change. The 28 year-old mentioned he wants more than a one-year deal, if you back to last offseason, Buffalo offered Brown a 2-year contract.

John Brown is exactly what the Bills desperately need, a fast, stretch the field, slot receiver. A safe, reliable weapon for Josh Allen and a receiver that offensive coordinator Brian Daboll can line up all around the line of scrimmage.

This would be exactly what Beane talked about in his season ending press conference:

“That’s why it’s important to be judicious and not just go spend it. To be selective, be smart, bring in some added competition to both sides of the ball and special teams.”

Spotrac has Brown’s market value as a 2-year deal with $12.2 total.

That’s selective and smart to help the Bills offense.

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