LeSean McCoy says not to take Tom Brady for granted

By Brandon J. Koch

In his appearance on ESPN’s First Tame, Bills running back LeSean McCoy talked about Patriots Quarterback Tom Brady.

What he said may get Bills fans fired up, but does he have a point?

Shady knows the dominance of Brady and the Pats gets tiresome, but his body of work shouldn’t be overlooked:

“The thing about Tom Brady is this: we hate to see him in the Super Bowl year after year, but when he’s gone, that greatness we’re going to miss because we’ve given him so much hate.”

McCoy continued: “It’s the same thing with LeBron (James). You’ve got to appreciate the greatness because he’s 40 years old and still playing at a high level.”

There are many reasons why Buffalo Bills fans dislike Tom Brady, I’m not sure many would agree with Shady’s reasoning.

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