How Shady recruited Gore to Buffalo

By Brandon J. Koch

On the NFL Network, Bills running back Frank Gore explained why he signed with Buffalo.

“I was thinking about how we played them last year when I was with Miami, they had a tough, tough defense, I just saw their quarterback and he kept getting better and better as the year went on and my man Shady. I’ve known him since he came to the NFL and we were together on Saturday and said, ‘You should come, I want to compete with you, and I know you will help me get back to home again.’”

Gore and McCoy work out together and are really close friends.

Many questioned why the Bills would sign a soon to be 36 year old running back. Players all around the league have said when Frank Gore comes in the room, you are paying attention and listening.

Certainly not a Kyle Williams replacement, but someone to fill the void.

Watch here:

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