Year three better be all about winning for McDermott, Beane

Photo Jamie Germano

By Brandon J. Koch

I understand it’s only March and the season doesn’t start for another six months, but hear me out.

It’s time for the Bills to win.

The last two seasons were all about:

Fixing the cap, you could’ve called them the dead cap Bills. They didn’t need to do it, but in the end it looks like a smart move.


It was also about building a culture, whether or not you believe in that contributing to wins and losses, McDermott came in and changed the way things were done at one Bills Drive.


Identifying and drafting a franchise quarterback, which in the 1st round of last years draft, was Josh Allen. Still a lot of question marks but positive signs.


There’s no more excuses for this McBeane regime.

No more “we’re building something,” or “we’re developing a football team.”

It’s time to win. This is year three and in the NFL, time is limited.

The Bills have a top five defense, and just spent $40 million dollars this year on the offensive side of the ball.

The excuses are gone, no more fancy talks.

Salary cap was cleared, culture was built and the franchise quarterback is here.

Go out and win.

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