Another offseason of questions await

By Brandon J. Koch

Isn’t this a familiar scene?

Ten games left in a depressing, horrendous Sabres season.

Instead of talking about the ending to a playoff race or even potential first round matchups, here we are approaching another offseason where there are major questions that are waiting for answers.

Jeff Skinner deal?

You could say the future of the head coach is more important, but getting a Skinner extension done is vital for this franchise. They have scoring problems as it is, imagine losing their top goal scorer? It would be early 4th of July fireworks in Buffalo.

Head coach

There seems to be a growing sediment that Housley will be out at seasons end. I’ll believe it when I see it. That would continue a trend of the Pegulas paying coaches to no longer coach their team. Im at about 50-50 on this, can you really see Botterill saying I made a big mistake at coach not even two years on the job? Sure NHL teams go through coaches like water, but the Sabres have been doing that since 2012.

Major roster turnover part 3

The GM deserves major blame here as well. He neglected getting a number two center and failed to acquire scoring threats on the wing. Yes there’s Skinner, a great trade, and Montour, who has looked good but still to be determined. This will be the third offseason of roster turnover. Major changes need to be made. Can Larsson and Girgensons finally be let go instead of getting another one year tryout contract?

What development?

I’m all about building through the draft and proper development, but do you really see what the GM is talking about? Has he seen Tage Thompson? Of course I’m not giving up on him, but come on, it hasn’t been pretty. Casey Mittelstadt has mostly been playing with Thompson or Sobotka, that’s not ideal. I understand Eichel evolving as a leader and Reinhart becoming a complete player, but those guys were already good. They need some help.

The owners think?

What does Kim and Terry Pegula think of this mess? Do they really approve of Toronto fans invading KeyBank Center? In the end, this is a business and they run it.

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