Ristolainen: dissatisfied with Sabres

By Brandon J. Koch

In an interview with MTV sports in Finland, Sabres defenseman Rasmus Ristolainen is not happy in his position with the Sabres and wants to look into playing with another team.

Ristolanien: “The situation is open. I cannot say anything other than the fact that on September 12th, I will be at a team’s training camp.”

“We wanted to keep the discussions between me and the club,” Ristolanien said.

He talked about his career in Buffalo.

“I haven’t been able to help the team win. Recent seasons have been tough and I haven’t been able to enjoy hockey.”

You can find the story here.

What does this mean for Risto and the Sabres moving forward?

It’s getting a little intense once a player says they want to move on and start fresh with another team.

The Sabres report to camp in about a month from now, so it’s interesting to see what Jason Botterill is thinking and trying to do with Ristolanien.

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  1. So he’s frustrated by all this talk about moving him THAT’S what it translates to he says NOTHING about wanting to be traded! So too a minority of nay sayers and pot stirrers want to run him out of town because they know what’s good for the Sabres!

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