Josh Allen: Nothing I want more in the world than to lead Bills into playoffs, compete for Super Bowls

NFL: Buffalo Bills at Miami Dolphins

By Brandon J. Koch

Josh Allen’s passion and love for Buffalo is undeniable.

Allen was on Mad Dog Radio with Schein on Sports! He shared a story about Bills fans with host Adam Schein:

“I’ll share a quick story going back to our last game last year against the Dolphins,” Allen said. “We are 5-10, no chance of making the playoffs. Had not been a super fantastic year. But we ran out on that field, and it was dang near sold out. In late December, December 30, I think it was, 35 degrees at kickoff, and there maybe was five or six empty seats in the whole stadium.’

On BillsMafia’s commitment to the team and football:

“Just the commitment, the energy that they show, the passion that they have. Any time our players go out into the city or go out to eat at restaurants or anything like that, they’re getting greeted by Bills Mafia. Just the love that they have for this team, it’s special. It’s not like most places. It’s live, breath, and die Buffalo Bills football up here, and I couldn’t be more proud to be a part of this.”

Making the playoffs and competing for Super Bowls is what motivates Allen:

“Making the playoffs is something I think about, I dream about it all the time,” Allen said. “Dang near every day. It’s nothing that I want more in this world than to lead this team to the playoffs and give us a chance to compete for Super Bowls down the road.”

On the 2019 Bills and what kind of year it could be:

“What needs to happen is playing smart football, taking care of the little things. Everything else will kind of fall into place. Not trying to get too far ahead of ourselves, taking it one game at a time. I know it sounds cliché, but this team is special. I love all the guys that we have on this team and I think it’s going to be a special year for us.”

Here’s some of the interview:

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