A year later, Vontae explains

By Brandon J. Koch

It’s been over a year since former Bills cornerback Vontae Davis quit at halftime.

In a great piece by Brendan Meyer of ESPN, Davis talked about everything from that day, and what has happened since.

You can read it Here

Here are some things related to the Bills.

His decision to sign with the Bills:

He was looking for a prove-it deal, just one year, so he could reestablish himself as an elite corner, then cash in the next season. He says he decided on the Bills because that’s the team that offered him the most money on a one-year deal — $5 million.

His wife Megan about Buffalo:

“I absolutely wanted to stay away from Buffalo,” Megan says. “The organization just didn’t have a great reputation. When you’re in the league, you hear things, and records show things.”

His brother Vernon Davis:

“I didn’t know why he chose Buffalo until I talked to him,” Vernon adds. “He chose them basically because of the good group of DBs that they had.”

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