Will Winnipeg call Buffalo about Ristolanien?

By Brandon J. Koch

The Winnipeg Jets could be looking for a defensemen.

Bob McKenzie Of TSN is reporting that Jets Dustin Byfuglien is believed to be using his personal time away from the team to ponder his future in hockey.

Insider Pierre LeBrun has this tidbit:

“Faulk and Ristolainen are top 4 RHD that are available for trade and i wonder if the Jets don’t inquire at some point depending on what happens with Byfuglien. I believe Winnipeg is on Faulk’s approved list of teams as part of his modified NTC. So waiving not required.”

Ristolanien is the only Sabre that didn’t play in ethier of the first two preseason games.

Take that as you will, he has practiced.

Something to watch out for as the season starts in 15 days.

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