Josh Allen: Bills Mafia was awesome today

By Brandon J. Koch

Buffalo Bills quarterback Josh Allen knew his fans wouldn’t let the team down.

He felt the presence of the Mafia all game long.

“Bills Mafia was awesome today. We could feel them all game long and we’re going to need them next week.”

His offensive coordinator? Nothing but praise

“He’s not one of those guys where it’s my plays and my plays only, he wants to find the best plays for us,” Josh Allen said. “Understanding our personnel and what our guys do well. He’s trying to put us in the best position possible. I really appreciate how he coaches this team. He’s very respected by every single one of our guys. I love him. I appreciate what he does for me and how he talks to me and how we’ve developed our relationship over the past year and a half and how it’s going to continue to develop.”

Allen did have his up and downs today, which is expected. He’s still developing and hasn’t even played a full season of football games yet. As he continues to work with Daboll, Allen will only be getting better.

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