Dawkins on Patriots-Bills past: ‘I got Josh Allen’

By Brandon J. Koch

The Patriots dominance over the past the past two decades?

Dion Dawkins doesn’t want to hear it.

In his meeting with the media today, Dawkins talked about the matchup with the champs.

“It’s really all about us. We don’t care what they’ve done the games before because they haven’t played us yet.”

“I love 12 and I respect his game and him as a player, but I got Josh Allen,” Dawkins said.

“That’s really all I’m worried about is keeping that kid clean and doing whatever I need to do this week to make myself better so I can let that kid play as free and fluent as he needs to.”

From Carly Mascitti of News10NBC Philly:

You guys have seen Josh, our coaches, really all of us, we’re just on a different mission, We have something going and I don’t really care who it is that we play. We’re the Buffalo Bills and they’re the New England Patriots -so let’s just see what happens Sunday.”

From Thad Brown in Rochester:

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