Tom Brady talks Bills defense

By Brandon J. Koch

Patriots quarterback Tom Brady really doesn’t get into specifics when talking about the opponents defense.

The six time super bowl champion came flat out and said the Patriots offense didn’t play well last season against the Bills defense.

“When you look at this defense, I don’t think we played that well last year when we went up there. We didn’t play that well at home when we beat ’em here. I think they’re good,” Brady said. “They challenge you. They force you to make good plays, good decisions, good reads on a consistent basis.”

Since Sean McDermott took over, the Buffalo defense has allowed only three Brady touchdowns passes, while picking him off four times.

Brady talked about the problem the Bills defense creates pre snap because they don’t give him much.

“McDermott and Frazier put them in a good position where they can make things look similar and then they’re a little bit different. I’ve been at this a while, so I know what they’re trying to do. They know what I’m trying to do,” Brady said. “I’ll figure it out once the ball is snapped.”

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