Brady: it’s enjoyable seeing empty stadium at end of games

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By Brandon J. Koch

Tom Brady loves seeing just Patriots fans at the end of games at New Era field.

The Patriots quarterback respects the Buffalo game day atmosphere, but enjoys seeing the stands clear out.

Brady: “Yeah, when you go on the road in the NFL, you’ve got to get used to that because that’s a lot of what that’s about. You go in there with however many guys – 46 active, five or six other guys, your coaches, a few fans in the crowd – but I think it’s always gratifying when you go in there and then by the end of the game, you look up and there’s only Patriots fans left. I always think that’s pretty cool. So, to go on the road in the NFL is tough, and certainly early in the game, after their pregame tailgate when they’re a little fired up. So, they’re pretty into it, they’re pretty loud and we’ve got to go out and we’ve got to execute early. I think starting fast, which we’ve actually done a good job with this year, that’s really important this week.”

Mike Catalana 13WHAM Rochester:

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